Making a difference by enhancing social responsibility initiatives

Conscious Gaming’s mission is to leverage advanced technology and insights, to empower corporate social responsibility within our and our partners’ communities.


We focus on using geolocation and other technologies to strengthen consumer protection, stop digital crime and the flow of funds to criminal groups. Specifically, to build awareness of, and help thwart, the risks caused by the unregulated state of the internet.

"While the web has created opportunity, given marginalised groups a voice, and made our daily lives easier, it has also created opportunity for scammers... and made all kinds of crime easier to commit."

The internet was originally intended to connect known and trusted nodes to one another.

It wasn't intended for how we are using it today.

Applying Technology to Social Responsibility

The transition to the digital economy has placed new pressures on agencies, governments and NGOs set out to protect and regulate the internet. These organizations are losing the digital arms race, due to the tremendous growth of the internet in recent years and limited resources available. Going forward, we’re committed to helping them with the data and tools they need to enhance these efforts.


Conscious gaming represents the coming together of digital entrepreneurs and leaders from within the gaming industry to leverage our knowledge and resources to enhance tools for those that need them in their fight against digital crime.


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