Empowering Players to Pause

About PlayPause

Modernizing and Strengthening Responsible Gaming Programs

PlayPause is an innovative tool designed to modernize and strengthen the effectiveness of the U.S. iGaming and online sports betting industry’s responsible gaming programs. It provides an efficient way for operators and regulators to manage important aspects of their responsible gaming compliance requirements across multiple states.

Benefits of PlayPause

Utilizing Advanced Technology, PlayPause:

Empowers players to take control of their gambling, set up time-off and scheduled breaks

Works across state boundaries, enabling players to stay committed to their goals, regardless of where they move

Allows both operators and players to implement their own checks on gambling as needed

Enables customized responsible gaming approaches, such as time off from a specific game or type of gambling for a period of time

Lets players manage their own habits and routines

Involves no sharing of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

What It Does

Offered by Conscious Gaming, PlayPause will:

Expand the protective responsible gaming bubble, so as players move from state-to-state, the protection they have asked for moves with them

Function across multiple states to stop incidents of crossing a state line and continuing to gamble

Empower operators to strengthen responsible gaming programs and make more data driven decisions, with greater insight into players that have already signed up in one state but need to be recognized and protected if/when they seek to play in another

Streamline the administrative burdens and eliminate the silos associated with maintaining numerous separate state-operated exclusion lists

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