With legalized sports betting now live across 21 U.S. states, and significant market expansion underway, the importance of responsible gaming and betting integrity has never been greater.

A critical piece of the puzzle is ensuring compliance with sports league policies and regulatory requirements regarding impermissible bettor restrictions.

Any individual whose participation may undermine the integrity of the wagering or the sports event could have significant consequences. Competitions must remain fair, transparent and unpredictable.

The stakes are high, the complexities are significant, and there is a regulatory imperative to get this right for all stakeholders across the sports betting ecosystem.

New Webinar – Hear expert insights on the importance of integrity and responsible gaming from Law Enforcement, Regulatory and Industry leaders.

Join us on Wednesday, June 9 at 2pm ET as our expert panelists further explore the issue of insider betting.

This important webinar will discuss:

  • The importance of ensuring compliance with league policies and regulatory requirements
  • The cost and resources required to undertake investigations and how to prevent them in the first place
  • New and innovative approaches to enable and streamline compliance for all stakeholders
  • Best practices that should be top of mind for all industry stakeholders currently playing a role in the quickly expanding U.S. sports betting market

Our panelists include:

  • Elizabeth Cronan [Moderator] – Trustee, Conscious Gaming®
  • Patrick Walter – Supervisory Special Agent, Organized Crime, FBI
  • Danny DiRienzo – Tennessee Education Lottery, Sports Gaming Investigator & former Secret Service Agent
  • Carolyn Renzin – Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, FanDuel

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